Alone, I cannot defeat that which will defeat me.

Together,  that which could defeat us does not have a chance.

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Based on the life story of Denise Jones. Thru The Tunnel will take you on a journey of a young girl stricken with polio. This physical disability turned out to be the easiest challenge that she had to face.

Emotional and physical abuse by her unstable father Richard, was consistent throughout her childhood. Will she be able to cope with her childhood trauma?

Finally free from her childhood home, she turned to men and drugs as a way to mask her pain. Thru her love of music, Denise finds love, and there...her healing begins. 

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I call myself a Warrior Woman not from ego or because it sounds good, but because like many women, I needed Warrior skills to survive and heal from years of trauma and pain.

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     Everyone deserves to live a peaceful existence. But how do you go about finding PEACE when you're stuck in emotional PAIN caused by trauma, chaos, or anything else which is causing these unwelcome and unwanted feelings.

     I'm Neecy Jones, a Spiritual Minister, Speaker, Counselor, and Group Facilitator in NJ for 20 years. 

     I'm also a Domestic Violence and Me-Too Healed Survivor, as well as a Recovering Drug Addict with 34 years Clean. 

     I'm the founder of PAIN 2 PEACE Speaking Events.

     I talk with my audiences about what emotional PAIN feels like and how it may be affecting your life. 

     I offer solutions as well such as Self-Care, Self-Love, Setting Boundaries, Exercising your right to choose, Saying NO without feeling guilty, Knowing your Worth, and understanding you have a right to use your voice and speak how you feel without consequences. When practiced, solutions can help evict emotional PAIN in order for the door of PEACE to open.

     By taking action NOW you would be making a healthy investment in yourself to HEAL from whatever your PAIN is, and who better to invest in than yourself. 

     In Time, becoming a healed survivor can afford you a genuinely PEACEFUL life. You no longer have to pretend to be happy, because YOU ARE authentically happy.

     As a result of my applying solutions to my own life, I was able to evict much of my emotional PAIN. Today I live a PEACEFUL life, and if you allow me to I would love to help you find your own PEACE. 

     If you are or have been a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, any kind of addiction, or anything else that causes you emotional pain, with my help you can learn to become a HEALED SURVIVOR and live a PEACEFUL LIFE!

 I have experience as well speaking and working with families and friends who may not understand why Domestic Violence victims stay, why those who have been sexually assaulted don't tell, or why people who abuse drugs just don't stop.