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A Strong Sisterhood of women who support one another in every aspect of life.

Hi, I'm Neecy Jones, a Motivational Speaker and founder of PAIN -2-PEACE Speaking Events. I'm also Neecy Jones a WARRIOR WOMAN. 

     I call myself a Warrior Woman, not from ego, but like many girls and women, it takes the skills of a Warrior to survive the secretive, painful, and cruel injustices put upon many of us.  

     I am NOT AFRAID to speak authentically about those unspeakable acts and the damage left behind.  

However, if you or anyone you know suffers from any kind of emotional pain, I will share with you how to obtain the PEACE  you so deserve.

Domestic Violence and Assault Victims will need to take a Warrior Woman mentality in order to survive such trauma.
This is how the Sisterhood works. Women helping one another reach their goals of purpose and peace.

    Along with being a Motivational Speaker, I've also written a compelling page-turning book:   


      It's MY story, however, it's actually many of OUR stories. 

     I was raised in an extremely dysfunctional family riddled with physical and emotional abuse as well as sexual molestation.

     At seventeen I left home and fell in love, or so I thought, with a man who beat me regularly to the point of almost killing me.

     I survived all that trauma and moved on with my life. I thought I was all right until I wasn't. You see I SURVIVED my trauma, however, there was never any HEALING.

     As women, we survive many things, but without HEALING, are we genuinely happy and living the best life we deserve?

     Ladies, I invite you to go on this journey with me so that TOGETHER, we can all go from PAIN-2-PEACE.


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