Meet Neecy Jones


I don't just call myself a Warrior Woman because it sounds good. I AM a Warrior Woman because I've fought battles women had to fight to survive.

Hello Everyone!

     I'm Neecy Jones, a Spiritual Motivational Speaker, Counselor, and Group Facilitator in Essex County NJ

    I'm a Domestic Violence Me-Too Healed Survivor, as well as a Recovering Drug Addict with 32 years clean.


   When I was a little girl, I often wondered how I was able to read and talk to myself and nobody could hear that voice but me. I eventually learned my internal voice could be my friend or my enemy. 

   I lived through my abuse, but it wasn't until years later did I discover I was simply a survivor. I wanted more for my life. 


   With work and support from others, I became a healed survivor.

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     With time, becoming a healed survivor afforded me a genuinely peaceful life. I no longer had to pretend to be happy, because I was authentically happy.

    As a result of my life turning out well, I knew my life purpose was to help ANY WOMAN who wants, find their own peace and happiness.


     In 2004 after my husband of 30 years died, a friend opened a Women's Shelter. She asked if I could volunteer some of my time to help out. The women who would live in the shelter were victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and drug addiction.


      After meeting these women, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them.


     I fell in love with those women. I held them in my arms as they cried and told me their stories. I felt every drop of their pain because it was the same pain I felt years ago.



     Eventually, I attended school, earning my credentials to become a counselor. During that time, I also became a skilled Motivational Speaker, assuring others suffering from any type of abuse they were not alone, and there was help available should they want it.


     I also have experience speaking and working with families and friends who may not understand why Domestic Violence victims stay, why those who have been sexually assaulted don't tell, or why people who abuse drugs just don't stop.