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Welcome you to my PAIN 2 PEACE BLOG

Millions are suffering from all kinds of emotional pain they feel but cannot see with their own eyes. The results are good people have become wounded people. Let us get to the root of what is causing this pain.

Even if the intensity of your pain seems light compared to others whose pain seems worse, pain is pain. No one deserves to suffer and have this kind of pain hold you hostage from living the life you were born to live.

You deserve to know the truth about the emotional pain living inside of you and how it got there. It would be nice for someone to honor your life, respect your value as a human being and listen to you tell the story of where this pain came from, how you're coping with it and how we can help.

Sadly, we live in a society when you ask people how they are, a common response is, "No sense in complaining." The use of the word complaining disturbs me. When, and how, did the word complain become an acceptable answer because millions of people have legitimate situations and secrets causing them great emotional pain. Pain, if talked about freely, could minimize the distress so many feel

Are you not talking about your emotional pain because you think no one cares and no one wants to listen to what's going on in your life? Is that the answer?

There are many questions that could use answers, such as what is it you are not talking about? Is there something specific causing you emotional pain? Did something happen to you? Did someone hurt you? Are you dissatisfied with how your life is or is not going and are you losing sleep at night over these worries?

So many of us have been taught to wear an invisible mask of secrets and silence where you look like you're okay, but you're not. Whatever is going on, were you taught not to tell anyone? Especially if it's something that happened to you at the hands of another person.

It must be uncomfortable and/or painful for you to keep such secrets inside and not be able to tell a single soul.

Can I ask what you are doing with all the negative energy living inside of you? And, to make matters worse, the bad energy will begin talking to you in your own voice! It will tell you you're not worthy of telling your innermost thoughts and/or feelings, because no one cares. You are the bad person and whatever happened to you is all your fault. That negative self-talk will say you are not smart, you don't know how to do anything productive, and you are worthless. The voice, your own voice, can be harsh and hateful! DO NOT believe the voice! You are a wounded human being, not a bad person at all! How deep your wounds are depend on what's going on with you as an individual, but don't forget, pain is pain.

How many of you suffer from heartburn which can feel like red hot fire inside your chest? To stop the pain, you take medication for temporary relief from the burning feeling, however, the pain comes back when the medicine wears off.

People also look for relief from the fiery burn of emotional pain. They indulge in excessive shopping, gambling, sex, overeating as well as using drugs and/or alcohol because they think it will take the pain away and make them feel good. This is called instant gratification because it offers you instant relief. It seems to work for a while, however relief from the emotional pain is only temporary. Once the euphoric feeling of indulging in these destructive behaviors fade away, you increasingly seek more of whatever your choice of indulgence is because the emotional pain and negative self-talk are too much to bear. One of the things you didn't count on though was when you want to stop these destructive behaviors, you could no

Over time, the voice talking inside your mind is now loud and controlling. It begins to dictate your life. It tells you what to do and how and when to do it. The same way a prison guard treats prisoners because you have now become a prisoner in your own mind. There is a glimmer of hope, however. Little do you realize the key to release yourself from your own prison lies at your feet. (There are those of us who discovered this hidden secret, and we're ready to help you see the dirty secret for what it is.) I'd like to let my readers know people who indulge in these destructive behaviors eventually hate doing what they're doing, but they can't seem to stop themselves.

Please know, you did not sign up for this! I will tell you once again, you are not a bad person, you are wounded and do not allow anyone to tell you you're bad!


There are solutions available if you want to extinguish the painful, fiery burn of your emotional pain.

The first step of hope for living a peaceful life is a desire to stop the self-destructive behavior. Wanting to stop is a powerful beginning!

Imagine, you're living a new way of life where you no longer have the need to indulge in destructive, compulsive, obsessive behaviors because you are committed to acting for, not against yourself. You made a decision to tell someone whatever it is you're holding inside. You're practicing using life skills and tools, which we will talk more about in future blogs, to claim your life back. You are putting in the work to get to the root of what happened to you in the first place that caused you to go on a downward spiral.

Millions of people have stopped their destructive behavior. These people know how to and are willing to help you. Why? Because we can only keep what we have by giving it away to you.

I am a recovering drug addict with 34 years clean. I no longer live with fiery, burning emotional pain. With the help of others, I now live a peaceful life, and so can you!

You know what? I'M PROUD OF YOU!

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